A lighter is not just a hunk of cheap plastic you use to fire up a smoke. It's also a matter of taste. And you can light up in style with a pair of vintage Braun lighters designed by Dieter Rams for sale on eBay.

One is a table lighter, which is the kind of thing you can't even really use anymore considering in some U.S. cities you can't even smoke in your own apartment. The other is a regular old lighter, but much prettier than your basic Bic. The pair of sleek black torches comes in a luxe black case for $99. The seller notes that they're untested, which in English means they might be totally busted. But that's kind of the gamble you take with eBay. Regardless, they're really the kind of thing you can imagine James Dean using to ignite a Lucky Strike. [eBay via Bureau of Trade]


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