An unidentified fighter jet plummets from the skies over Benghazi, Libya. CNN was unable to independently identify if the plane was indeed a rebel fighter sent to reinforce their position in that city, as was suggested by a source.

Meanwhile, tanks from both sides of the conflict are massing at Benghazi, which has become a rebel stronghold since the conflict began. Today it is one of the few left that is still under rebel control.


Let us not forget that hellish things are also happening in that country as well.

Editor's Note: It was brought up in the comments that this was a Libyan jet because of its make, but it should be known that rebels have seized a number of Libyan army vehicles, planes and helicopters. Reports indicate this doomed jet (and pilot, seen ejecting too late at left) was most likely a rebel, although that is still unconfirmed. - j.l.


Update: Unrelated to this photo, French officials confirm there are French fighter jets in the skies over Libya.

Update 2: French fighter jets have fired on a Libyan army military vehicle and are enforcing the area surrounding Benghazi as an "exclusion zone."


Update 3: Shit has further hit the fan in Libya. A concentrated Tomahawk missile attack from U.S. and British forces in the region have struck Libyan military positions after repeated no-fly and "exclusion zone" violations. [CNN, Image: AP/Getty Images]