U2 Thinks Putting Its Album on Your iPhone Is "Really Punk Rock"

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Remember how U2 gave every iTunes customer a free, very much deletable album as a little gift from Tim Cook to you? And you know how everyone became livid at the sudden influx of extra Bono? Well, don't be such a square, man. U2 was just being punk rock.


At least, that's how The Edge described it in a recent interview with Time, saying:

[It was] actually incredibly subversive. It's really punk rock, it's really disruptive.

It was actually incredibly subversive. Sending free Bono to smartphones and laptops across the country was incredibly subversive. It's really punk rock. Total iPhone anarchy.

Let's take a moment to consider that this is punk rock:

And that this is also punk rock:

While this is U2:

In addition to agitating the genre of fantasy superhero-themed Broadway musicals, as punks are wont to do, Bono is also apparently working on a new secret project in the form of a mysterious new digital music format that will "prove so irresistibly exciting to music fans that it will tempt them into buying music again." Because ain't nothing more punk rock than shrewd, digital music marketing.

God save the Bono. [Time via Re/code]



I'm not a U2 fan. My reaction to the appearance of "Songs of Innocence" appearing in my library is to simply not click/tap the "Download" icon.

Wow, imagine that. Doing nothing turns out to be easy.

edit: you know what, screw it. I'm going to download it; maybe it'll be good. You win this one, Bono!