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Ubiquiti Announces First 700Mhz Mini-PCI Wireless Card

Illustration for article titled Ubiquiti Announces First 700Mhz Mini-PCI Wireless Card

Ubiquiti Networks has come out with the "world's first" wireless card specifically designed for the hotly desired and discussed 700Mhz band everyone's scrambling to get a piece of. The XtremeRange7 uses the 32-bit mini-PCI Type IIIA standard and sports a ridiculous output power of 600 mW (your dinky home router's probably putting out 28mW), which Ubiquiti claims gives it a tested antenna-dependent outdoor range of over 50 km, perfect for picking up wireless broadband provided by future (or current) licensees of the 700Mhz band.


It supposedly has an "innovative receiver design" for improved noise shielding, which, to quote a friend, is necessary "so it won't interfere with everything else and give the FCC a bitchfit." Other features include: TCP/IP data rates over 50Mbps, scalable channel bandwidths of 5/10/20/40 Mhz, advanced QoS, 256-bit security, and full compatibility with available Linux drivers. No price or release date—but it probably won't actually matter for a couple of months anyway. [Ubiquiti via Daily Wireless]

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Ubiquiti Networks is to sell 700 Mhz Mini-PCI cards in anticipation of the open wireless internet of the future. Even though the band is yet to be auctioned, and any standards are yet to emerge, the XtremeRange7 has the radio and is ready to roll.