UFO Over Gdansk

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Last weekend, the people of Gdansk, Poland, witnessed a strange sight. A glowing saucer floated into town from the sea, swirling over the city while projecting what witnesses called "geometric patterns" of light. Was it a UFO, a secret government project, or part of the Morgellons conspiracy?


None of the above. It was actually a cool art project created by New York artist Peter Coffin and London-based group Cinimod, which does a lot of cool light installations. It was unleashed on the unsuspecting visitors to the Gdansk Festival of Stars.


According to the Cinimod blog:

The overall UFO structure is 7 metres in diameter and manufactured of aluminum for lightness. 3000 bright and individually controllable Color Kinetics LED nodes have been arrayed across the structure and are controlled via a solid state computer. An on board 6 kw generator provides the system power, and the overall UFO can be remotely controlled via SMS messaging.


There's also video of what it looked like when the UFO zoomed into town.

UFO Project with Peter Coffin [via Interactive Architecture]