Uh oh, Kickstarter's CEO Yancey Strickler says that the company has been hacked. No credit card info was stolen (whew!), but the company says users' personal info has been compromised. Better go change your password.

A blog post released today says Kickstarter was first made aware of the hack on Wednesday, and that upon learning of the breach the tech team immediately closed the security vulnerability that allowed it. And while credit card info seems to be safe (Kickstarter says only two user accounts showed evidence of unauthorized activity), usernames, email addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers were all exposed in the hack. And while Kickstarter passwords are encrypted, the company notes that skillful hackers may have the means to crack them.


Update: Kickstarter has added an FAQ section to the blog post, stating the site only stores the last four digits and expiration date of credit cards, and this info was not compromised. Also, if you logged in to Kickstarter through Facebook, you should be okay—the company reset all Facebook login credentials.

[Kickstarter via The Verge]