UK to Outlaw Standby On TVs and Video Devices

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In the same vein as the California Vampire Slayer Act, the British government is set to force manufacturers to dump the "Standby" status on their TV, video, and DVD products. That means your PS2 is either On or Off, not half-on, sucking power and waiting for you to play a little Gran Turismo.


The UK's "Energy Review" says that standby causes 8% of all power use in homes. That's quite a lot when you consider all the other things people are doing—watching TV, using their computers, and turning on their really inefficient incandescent light bulbs.

Lighting, set-top boxes, televisions, chargers, fridges, freezers, washing machines and computers were highlighted as wasteful products that must be redesigned to save power.

Bye bye standby!

[Times Online via Tree Hugger]



Yeah people who think this might get people to get off the couch are fooling themselves. This is a STUPID STUPID law.

Im so sick of countries (US, UK or wherever) trying to police the stupidity of people. If some jackass wants to sit around sucking down hundreds of dollars in electricity fees its there right to. This is going to do nothing. If your worried about people using electricity make houses only be able to use a energy allowance. The fact is energy doesnt disappear, there IS no energy crisis sept a manufactured one by our leaders. Energy changes form yes but it NEVER DISSAPEARS! Instead of worrying about how much people are using, why doesnt England worry about why its still using ungreen methods to GET the energy it uses. Nuclear power is a amazing thing these days. Very safe, and much greener than oil and less radioactive than coal (haha bet you didnt know that thanks to enviromentalists selling this shrill about it being extreamly radioactive)

Current methods in Nuclear power have made it so that almost everything is used up, with the little radioactivity left being a short halflife, much shorter than old styles.