California Passes Vampire Slayer Act

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Why are Californians worried about Vampires, and why should it matter to us? These vampires aren't the David Boreanaz kind, instead, California Lawmakers are referring to electronics that suck power when they're plugged in even when they're not being used.


DVD Players, battery chargers, and game consoles are culprits of having standby modes that draw power when not in full use. This recently introduced bill requires electronic makers to label their devices to show how much power is being drawn when in standby mode. Pretty useful information that all of us gadget fans could benefit from.

At a press conference before the Assembly vote, Levine had a large table festooned with electronic devices — cell phones, Play Station controls, a toothbrush, Tivo, a stereo system. Cloves of garlic were scattered among the devices.

Only in California.

Law would bring vampire devices out of the dark Idle electronics that consume power a target of legislation [SF Chronicle]