Ultimate Flu Vaccine to Give You One Less Excuse for Missing Work

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Remember the bird flu epidemic that was supposed to be killing us all off around now? The one the local news had you terrified of before they made you terrified of spinach and Taco Bell? Well, not only was that all hype, but scientists have developed the "holy grail" of flu vaccines, permanently protecting against basically all strains of bird flu and winter flu.

The new drug will be quicker and easier to make than today's flu shots, requiring a mere two pints of liquid to create 10,000 doses. Sounds good to me. It should be ready for the market in five years or less, and if that bird flu thing actually starts to, you know, infect people, then it could reach the market even sooner. Sayonara, flu. You won't be missed.


Daily Mail [via MedGadget]

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