Ultrathin MoGo Mouse Latches Onto Netbooks, Barnacle-Style

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Many moons ago, MoGo mice nested in PCMCIA slots, and lived out their lives in peace and seclusion. But their offspring, native habitat threatened by the dreaded "netbook," needed to adapt. Hence, the Mogo Mouse: parasite netbook edition .


Launching just days behind the similarly-designed piggybacking headset for BlackBerry, the Mogo mouse for netbooks brings its own slot, in the form of a mountable charging holster. The 5mm-thick mouse connects via Bluetooth, and will do your hand's bidding for around 10 hours on a 30-minute charge.

Mogo for netbooks is available as part of a $100 kit, which includes one (1) tiny mouse, a docking connector and a charging cable. [Mogo via Slippery Brick]



Well, it technically "helps" the net book and provides a service, while using it as a form of transport. I would say this is more akin to a Remora than a barnacle. Just saying.