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Uncovered Bluetooth Keyboard Case Will Turn iPads into Netbooks

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sure, the official Apple keyboard peripheral and iPad case are cute, but wouldn't they be nicer if they were combined? A Chinese company aims to beat Apple to it, with this Bluetooth keyboard case showing up on FCC.

Shenzhen Paoluy Silicone Technology Co's BL-BKB76 case appeared on FCC due to the Bluetooth connectivity it would use to link up to an iPad, minimizing cables and excess accessories—though unfortunately it doesn't dock and charge the iPad like Apple's keyboard does.


Apparently the keyboard gives 90 hours' use, or 100 days of standby time—which seems like more than enough, when you look at the iPad's roughly 10hr battery life when watching video or browsing the internet.


The only other case we've seen for the iPad which has an inbuilt keyboard is ClamCase's forthcoming one, which turns the iPad into something resembling more a laptop than anything else. Really, I'm surprised we haven't seen anything before today's Chinese case. [Wireless Goodness via SlashGear]

UPDATE: KeyCase has something similar, but sadly it's out of stock for now.