Retired police officer Bill Angus hates speeding almost as much as he loves birds. So he did what any reasonable person would do: design a feeder that looks exactly like a speed camera, and mount it in his front yard.

And it seems to be working! At least, the slowing traffic part; there's no word on how birds have taken to it yet:

Mr Angus insists - without so much as a hint of a smile - that the effect on speeders is no more than a happy coincidence.

'Why does everyone think it's a fake speed camera?' he asked.

'It's a bird box and has been designed this way to stop people stealing it. It's a bright colour, too, to attract the blue tits and finches. Since I have put it up, the traffic is keeping to 30mph. If people want to think it is a camera, that is a matter for themselves.'


It may not have the same vigilante cachet as, say, Batman, but bonus points for creativity. And although it's sneaky, I'd much prefer a birdhouse that looks like a speed trap than a speed trap disguised as a birdhouse. [Daily Mail UK via Neatorama]