Unique Cellphone Techno-Demoed at CEATEC 2007

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At first glance, there's nothing special about this cellphone just demonstrated at CEATEC Japan 2007, but upon closer inspection you'll notice that the keyboard uses electronic ink (e-ink) SiPix electrophoretic technology, a type of e-paper that's capable of changing the display on each alphanumeric key whenever the spirit moves you. Just hit a Shift key and you can see an entirely different set of characters, similar to that possibly-forthcoming Optimus Maximus keyboard by Art.Lebedev. That concept will have major advantages for a cellphone.

Besides the tactile feedback you'll get from individual keys, the major advantage is the way e-ink barely sips battery power, only requiring juice when it changes the display, because it doesn't use constantly shining backlights or LEDs at all. So even if battery technology stays the same in the next few years, cellphones can last a lot longer with this tech on board. [Xumdeo, via Uber Gizmo]

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Are these keys membrane buttons, meaning the display is (slightly) flexible, or is this more like a touch screen with a capacitative sensor or resistive over-layer?

If they are membranes then this is a small step towards truly flexible e-ink displays (of course truly flexible e-ink displays have been demonstrated, e.g., by Plastic Logic).