Uruguay will sell top quality marihuana at only $1 per gram

Next year, the fine people of Uruguay will be able to buy high quality state-produced weed at only one dollar per gram. For reference, high quality weed in the US goes for around $350 an ounce, according to this and this. That's $12.36 per gram, which is more than ten times the price of Uruguyan top-notch maría.

According to El Mundo (in Spanish), everyone will be able to legally buy up to 40 grams of weed (1.41 ounces) per month starting on the second half of 2014, the time when the first state-produced harvest comes to market after being legalized by the Uruguayan congress this August.

The secretary general of the Junta Nacional de Drogas de Uruguay, Julio Calzada, says that the government wants to drive the illegal drug operations out of the market with very high quality weed at very low prices: "The illegal market has too much risk and low quality, which is the contrary of that the government will offer. A gram of marihuana, said Calzada, can be used to make three regular joints and have plenty of puffs on a vaporizer.


Sounds like a perfect strategy to me.

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Where in the fuck does weed go for $350 an ounce? Try like $100 out here in Colorado.