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USB "Port" Wine Gets You Drunk At 480Mb/s

Illustration for article titled USB Port Wine Gets You Drunk At 480Mb/s

Due to a new EU trade rule, wineries can't use the word "port" on their label unless the wine was actually made in Portugal. California's Peltier Station Winery, however, discovered (or should I say invented?) a loophole: they called their new dessert wine "USB" and put a tree with USB roots on the label. And that's just the beginning of the geekery. The label maker, 6 West Design, also reveals that the USB-tree on the front is composed of binary code that translates to "Peltier Station." And in case you still don't get the pun, there are several fill-in-the-blanks on the back label like "an im____ant agreement" or "in your ____folio." So cheers to "Peltier Stanton" for sticking it to the EU in the geekiest way possible while still getting us drunk with our cigars. But can we plug in a cooling USA USB fan for the hangover the next day? This is American wine after all. [Peltier Station via TheDieline via Wired]


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One USB "Port", no firewater...I wonder if they'll make an apple wine?