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We may earn a commission from links on this page

USB SIM Card Reader/Writer

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you haven't figured out how to sync up your cellphone's contacts with your computer's addressbook yet, using this USB SIM card reader/writer could be an easy way to do it. I know some of us just use Bluetooth or a proprietary USB cable to sync them up, but a good thing with this USB SIM card reader is that it sounds pretty user-friendly, and can be used with any PC with a USB slot. It's a "universal" SIM card reader too, which would be handy when switching phones (copy content from one SIM card to another). Along with syncing contacts and saving SMS messages, you can also manage your mobile PIN password with the software. Only problem is that the site says it's a Windows-only thing, though we think that only applies to the software and not the device itself. Runs about $29 from Suntek.

Product Page [SuntekStore via GadgetMadness]

Update: Just a comment on SIM card readers...

They are much, much less useful than you might think initially...

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1. The SIM card stores a string and a number, with no meta-data. No

information about whether it's a cell phone number, or home number, etc.

No custom ring tones or other stuff. You can't easily adjust first name or

last name sorting order since it's just a single string. No addresses for


2. Many smart phones don't like to directly use the SIM card address book.

You can copy the address book from the SIM card to your phone, and back,

but the standard address book isn't directly used in many cases.


3. Many phones have internal SMS storage as well; SIM cards don't store

that many messages. Thus, you will likely find that your SIM card doesn't

have all your SMS messages.

So, if you have an old, lame phone, then it might be very handy. If you

have the sort of phone that any self-respecting gizmodo reader would

have, you'll find that this setup is vastly inferior to the USB or

bluetooth sync stuff.


[Thanks Gopi!]