Use a Water Drop As a Simple iPhone Macro Lens

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Over on Scientific American, photographer Alexander Wild has a great tip for taking macro shots with your iPhone. Instead of buying a special case or a clip-on lens accessory, just place a drop of water over the lens and carefully invert your phone.


The results are actually pretty impressive given the hack literally only costs as much as a drop of water, but you'll have to be careful when trying it out. Propping your phone up somewhere secure is a good idea since even the slightest motions or vibrations will cause the lens to jiggle. And, it goes without saying that water and electronics are not good bedfellows, so be extra careful when placing or removing the drop. [Scientific American]

Photos: Alexander Wild

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

When you apply the droplet, does your phone have to be lying flat facing up or down? I'd imagine the drop would just flow away if you held your phone vertically. Also, is there something about the iPhone camera that makes this possible or could this be done on any smartphone?