USRobotics Shows Off Two Skype Phones

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USRobotics has two candy-coated phones compatible with everyone's favorite VoIP service, Skype, in the pipeline. The phones, the USR9602 and the USR9601A, both take complete advantage of Skype's many services, including SkypeOut and Skype Caller ID.


The USR9602 (pictured here) is also known by the easier-to-digest name USB Internet Mini Phone. As you might guess, it plugs into a USB (1.1 or 2.0—choice!) port on your PC, from where you'll be able to make prank calls to people around the world for just a few ducats. (Substantially less if you actually look up the value of a ducat.)


Meanwhile, the USR9601A, which is already available, does everything its little brother does, but is not quite as mini—that's why they call it the USB Internet Phone.

The already-available USR9601A retails for $49.99 while the upcoming USR9602 still doesn't have an official release date nor a price.

Product Page [USRobotics via Slashphone]

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I was thinking the same thing.. My first USR modem (as we called it back in my sysop days — man, I am getting old) was 2400 baud, I believe. I think we were all using Bell 1200 baud modems (or 300 baud modems for the C64 boards) and saving for those hip USR suckers. Those were great days.

We should shut down the internet for a week and have everyone get out the modems and re-open the BBS madness for a few days. That would be great. Or — not.