uXM For iPhone Streams XM Satellite Radio

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The same guys who made uSirius for jailbroken iPhones are back with uXM, which does exactly the same thing except with XM. An XM subscription is necessary, but you'll be able to listen to your stations on the toilet, in the office, in the office toilet, or even at Starbucks—anywhere where you can get a decent connection. Never be alone with your thoughts again. [iSmashPhone]

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Actually, Sirius's buyout of XM is STILL pending. It's one of the longest if not the single longest approval for a merger in the history of the United States... and for a PAY service! Huge oil companies want to merge? No problem, fast-track it! Two fledgling companies want to merge in order to stay in business and stop killing each other (which is what they're doing now with the excessive spending)? NO! We wouldn't want to offend the bribe-mongers, er, I mean NAB. There is no reason to hold this up. Monopoly? How? Cars all have radios and CD players. iPod's sales speaks for itself. How is offering a subscription service as an alternative to AM, FM, CD and iPod a monopoly? No one HAS to buy satellite radio. People scream of the new Sirius/XM being able to raise prices since there'd be only one company. Guess what, if they raise prices, people will stop subscribing. That's the built-in motivation to keep prices low. It's not like oil where if the price goes up we're forced to pay it. It's just ridiculous. This hold up has already cost the two companies an estimated $1 billion. Billion, with a B. The NAB and their friends in Washington are just hoping to hold up the merger long enough to bankrupt both companies. Sorry this turned in to a rant but I want to see the companies survive even if I only subscribe to Sirius. More choice is better for everyone and the merger will give Sirius users the option to listen to some XM without another full-blown subscription and vice versa. Plus with the hundreds of millions of dollars saved trying to out-do each other, they can invest more into themselves giving us more and better stations, new technology, more personalities. This is a no-brainer and typical politicking is screwing it up.

Oh and I'd love to get this and uSirius for my new iPhone 3G. Let's hope they get it working good enough for Apple to allow it in the App Store.