Veoh Vid Player-Browser On the Way Any Day Now

Okay kiddies, get ready for the next video play on the Interwebs, and this one's called Veoh. A beta version of its player will be downloadable within hours, and it brings a few new features to the Web TV watching game. This one has some serious guns behind it, too, backed by former Disney chief Michael Eisner and corporate blowhards from Time Warner.

Its downloadable player acts like a video Web browser, letting you find and watch video, but its makers are aiming for an experience that feels like conventional TV. It'll have personal video recording functions, and will offer a variety of channels that might remind you of cable television. It'll also let you search for videos using keywords, watch videos your friends liked, and recommend videos for you according to those you've liked.


Video uploaders will dig Veoh, too, because it will allow them to charge for their videos, and Veoh will automatically upload those clips to YouTube, MySpace and Google Video. Like YouTube, it will create an embeddable Flash player so videos can be virally strewn all over the Web. Also like YouTube, you can watch all the videos on your browser, too.

Although the player wasn't yet available at this writing, we did notice the superior video quality on the existing videos available on Veoh's website. It's using peer-to-peer technology, which the company says allows it to publish "high resolution full-screen television quality video." So far, it looks good, and we're on the lookout for that player as soon as it's available.

Veoh Site [Veoh, via Technology Review]

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