Verizon Asks Court to Affirm Its Claim to 'America's Most Reliable 3G Network'

Verizon Wireless has asked the U.S. District Court in Manhattan to judge its advertisements claiming "America's most reliable 3G Network" to be truthful, an assertion that AT&T has disputed.

The point at issue is network speed and how it relates to reliability; Verizon believes that AT&T's challenge "relies on the incorrect premise that speed is an essential element of the standard for measuring network reliability", to which AT&T countered: "Verizon's claim that speed is not a relevant factor to a reliable 3G network is preposterous". Verizon does not believe the claims of false advertising can be supported, and that the advertisements are "truthful, accurate, and substantiated". It's unclear when the court will render a decision, but I don't see AT&T coming out a winner either way. If Verizon loses, they'll have to change one or two words in their slogan—a change few will notice. If Verizon should win, the courts will have affirmed Verizon's their to having "America's Best 3G Network". [Reuters]


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