Verizon Asks: Would an iPhone Keep Customers From Leaving?

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A Verizon Wireless service-cancellation survey, spotted by BGR, suggests a leading cause for ditching VZW is that dratted iPhone. But that's not all it suggests.


Two of the questions—"What is the primary reason you left?" and "What is the primary reason you chose your new carrier?"—have the iPhone as one of many options. This makes sense, since it's the hottest phone on the market and Verizon itself is a little short on hot phones at the moment.

But a third question asks something more mysterious: "What could Verizon Wireless have offered you to keep you as a customer?" Of the seven suggestions besides "Other," six were things Verizon could actually give a customer right this minute. The seventh was "The iPhone."


Is Verizon trying to see how much money they lost by not having an iPhone, or how much money they'll stand to gain by having one? [Boy Genius Report]

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I'll be leaving Verizon Wireless for an iPhone very shortly.