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Verizon FiOS Set to Double Early Termination Fee to $360

Illustration for article titled Verizon FiOS Set to Double Early Termination Fee to $360

Oh, Verizon. Will you ever stop breaking our hearts? First it's a $350 ETF for smartphone cancellation, and now you've gone and upped the ante even further for FiOS customers.


Starting this Sunday, the cost of canceling your two-year FiOS contract will jump from $179 to $360. Why? Because they're jerkfaces. Even worse is that if you have to cancel because you're moving to a part of the country without FiOS service, you're still on the hook for the full amount. Oh, and there's no grace period. So at least Verizon's also totally without compassion.


Here's hoping the FCC gets involved again, although who knows how long that process might take. In the meantime, sign up for FiOS today if you were even thinking about it. Or better yet, run like hell in the opposite direction. [Consumerist]

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That tears it.

I'm never using Verizon again.

I understand the reason behind ETF's, but it's still unfair, since we don't have a no-contract option.

Here's how it should work:

If I buy a subsidized phone, the subsidy amount should be clearly spelled out in the contract, such as $360 over 2 years. During the 2 year contract, they should tack on a "Subsidy recovery fee" of $15 a month. The day the contract ends, the $15 fee should be dropped.

But we don't get that option. After the subsidized period ends, we're still paying the same price for the plan as we were during the subsidized period. The only way to get our money back is to buy a new phone and start the two year lock-in all over again.

How's this good for the American people?