FCC Heroes Get Into the Verizon ETF Pile-On

Illustration for article titled FCC Heroes Get Into the Verizon ETF Pile-On

First, a senator introduced a bill aimed at keeping Verizon from jacking their early-termination fees to $350. Now the FCC want's to know just how they're justifying this bullshit.


You've gotta love the FCC these days, right? First they ask Google, AT&T and Apple just what they hell they're doing rejecting Google Voice from the App Store. Then they just don't fuck around when it comes to backing net neutrality. And now they're calling Verizon on its insane $350 ETF it's forcing people into with their "advanced" phones. It doesn't get much more pro-consumer than this.

[FCC via Engadget]


Could someone point out how Verizon is 'forcing' people into anything? Last I checked coercion was illegal and the signature on the contract was voluntarily placed there.

There is nothing pro-consumer about this. What would be pro-consumer would be to get the government out of the game of cartel'ing these industries through regulation, licenses, and other intervention. The government makes things anti-competitive by removing the aspects which businesses could compete.

Supporters of this kind of further intervention "on behalf of the consumer" are missing the bigger picture and will be attempting to "fix" this problem forever if they don't wake up. This is a *symptom* of lack of competition. Why is there a lack of competition? Because government regulation of all types limits it artificially thereby harming the customers naturally dominant position over business. Involving the state in further will only lead to further problems.