Verizon MiFi 2200 Personal Hotspot Leak

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The Verizon branded MiFi 2200 isn't quite as sleek as the concept Novatel revealed last December, but this tiny personal hotspot still provides network access over Wi-Fi for up to four hours.


The ultraportable MiFi 2200 router is about the size of a credit card and comes built-in rechargeable battery. Being so small, this device gives us internet junkies the freedom to be online anywhere (meaning no more hunting frantically for a hotspot at Starbucks with all the other chumps). It's not the only one: Cradlepoint has been hawking personal cellular-to-Wi-Fi access points for over a year with a few carriers, but they're all still pretty miraculous.

While we still don't know how many devices can be connected to it at once, we do know that with a current max of about 3Mbps, you're probably not going to want to invite all your friends to bogart your 3G. Presumably, details will be revealed this week at CTIA, with pricing expected around $200. [Phone Arena via Engadget]



this would be cool if MICROSOFT hadn't already invented one of these like 20 yrs (!) ago... it's called a LAPTOP and its better because it even has a screen!