Verizon Says F-U To Hollywood Piracy Snitching

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Hollywood wants ISPs such as Verizon to help filter and block the illegal transfer of copyrighted content. Unlike AT&T, Verizon is telling Hollywood to kiss its ass. Verizon EVP of Public Affairs Tom Tauke says they won't consider Hollywood's call to action for three reasons.


First, it opens the door for other organizations to make demands as to what should and shouldn't be allowed. Verizon doesn't feel the internet should be excessively policed. Second, it sets a precedent that would make networks and service providers liable for future cases where they fail to block content. Third, Verizon sees content filtering as an invasion of privacy, and they try to balance the wishes of customers with the necessity for content protection. Amen. [NY Times]


I'm A Different Bird

Whatever other faults Verizon has, they do tend to go to bat for customer privacy. They're very, very good about that.