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Verizon intentionally crippled the Motorola v710, one of their first Bluetooth phones, and certainly one of the most highly sought after (at least at first). While Verizon's up front (some would say brazen) attitude about their decision to limit the functionality of the Bluetooth stack was at first surprising and even a little refreshing, it's no excuse for advertising a phone "with Bluetooth" that doesn't fully support what Bluetooth can do. And we're not the only ones who think so—a California law firm is putting together a class action suit against the mega-carrier, and is soliciting Verizon v710 owners to join the suit if they wish.

Verizon's position in this matter is, in a word, douchey, so I'd encourage anyone who felt stiffed by their money-grubbing to sign up. There's a possibility the suit may be filed at a national level, too, and not just in California. Blueserker has a good collection of links to get you up to speed.


Class Action Lawsuit Against Verizon for Crippling Bluetooth [Blueserker]

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