Illustration for article titled Verizon Wireless Announces Novatel ExpressCard For EV-DO

Good news for Verizon EV-DO users who didn't like the Dell EV-DO ExpressCard or the Novatel USB EV-DO adapter. Now there's an official solution card from Novatel and Verizon that works with the latter's EV-DO service.


The card will be available August 24th, starting at $179 with a two year agreement and $229 for a one year agreement. There should probably be OS X along with Windows drivers, seeing as the USB version from Novatel included OS X drivers. That means MacBook Pro users will most likely have no problem with getting their EV-DO action going to browse Gizmodo while driving.


Verizon Wireless ships ExpressCard style EV-DO card [MobileTracker]

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