Verizon Wireless Revamps Price Plans To Integrate Mobile Web, Per-MB Data Charges

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Up until now, Verizon Wireless has charged people with any America's Choice plan $5 per month extra to use the Mobile Web for any reason, and has charged airtime minutes while you use it. In a transition that is intended to pave the way for more variety of data usage, VZW is dropping America's Choice altogether. The new Nationwide plans will have Mobile Web included, without a $5 monthly charge. But here's the thing: instead of charging airtime for web and other data use, you will get charged $1.99 per megabyte of use. There are some exceptions to this rule:

You won't get charged for data use if you are downloading songs from V Cast Music Store, or sending and receiving picture or video messages, though they still cost 25 cents a piece. Ditto for 15-cent text messages. Subscribers to V Cast video service (starting at $15 per month) will get unlimited data use for Mobile Web, as you would hope.


New add-ons to Nationwide include $20 for unlimited text messages and $40 for the full meal deal: monthly subscriptions and unlimited megabyte usage for Mobile Web, Get It Now, V CAST Video, VZ Navigator and Mobile E-mail. That is one "I HEART Verizon" plan.

Word is, some of this will also apply to the new BlackBerry plans, but I don't have details on that just yet, so stay tuned.

It's not a whoo-hoo, thrilling plan revision meant to save you loads of money, but it does show that Verizon is no longer clinging to this antiquated concept of airtime in a data-based world. I have confirmed that if you do want to ditch your old America's Choice plan and swap into a Nationwide one, you will be able do to so without renewing your contract, just like we told you. [Verizon Wireless]



Why hasn't anyone accepted the fact that mobile web browsing should be unlimited? What Verizon is doing is nickeling and diming its customers, and this article is spinning the fact that VZW is still charging you for the amount of bandwidth you use.

What is the incentive for its customers to surf the web?

Yes, I have AT&T and I'm able to surf unlimited for a low charge per month. If I were charged either w/ minutes or for the bandwidth I'd use, I'd dump both AT&T and my iPhone immediately. Thankfully, everything's worked out great.

This substandard service by Verizon and its acceptance by VZW's subscribers baffles me.