You Can Now Change Your Verizon Contract Without Extending It

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In a change of policy that's actually customer friendly for once, as of this Sunday, Verizon will allow you to change your contract without tacking on another 2 years of being shackled to their service. Until now, if you wanted to drop down or increase your monthly minutes, Verizon would force you to resign a contract. No longer! Nice one, big V. [PR Newswire via Consumerist]

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If you do not change your plan—meaning, you do not go to another type of plan, or another bracket of minutes—you were able to do this before the change.

Now you will be able to start a family-share plan from a single line, and not have to re-new your contract—for the initial phone. the new phone will have the contract, if you choose to use any discounts on the phone.

All this changes is now people using too many minutes will be able to get a higher-minute plan, and people who don't use as many minutes can switch down to a lower-priced plan.

The change is small, but significant. Now if I could only add the aircard to my plan... too bad that's a redonk +$50 a month.