Verizon's Galaxy Note and Gear "Bundle" Saves You Zero Dollars

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The Samsung Galaxy Gear is finally on the market, and gosh darn is it 'spensive. Verizon just started offering a bundle with the Gear and the Note 3 that is $600 on contract. But the bundle isn't about saving money; it's about saving suckers from buying a toy they can't play with.

With the Gear coming in at $299.99 and the Note 3 at $299.99 (on contract), the bundle saves you exactly zero dollars and zero cents. But—in addition to being a good time-exclusive get—the bundle also speaks to the total absurdity of the Galaxy Gear as a product right now.


Gear plus Note 3 is really the only option. Since the Gear requires Android 4.3 and a Galaxy phone as a buddy, the Note 3 is literally your only choice until the rest of the Galaxy line gets updated. Unless you want to just drop a ton of money on a watch with a screen that turns off automatically.

But why isn't Verizon offering at least the slightest discount? Doesn't it care at all? Well, no. Carriers couldn't give two shits about your stupid smartwatch lust (assuming you have it) if it's not going to make any money. (Spoiler: it isn't.) But hey, as long as you're still signing a contract, anything goes. [Verizon via CNET]


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I need a new phone like yesterday and really want the Note 3 but preorders make me nervous. I'm usually the guy that reads reviews for everything before purchasing. Anyone else run into this quandary before? Is it safe to assume the Note 3 will be a solid phone to purchase at this point?