Verizon's Insane 300Mbps Home Internet Is Also Insanely Expensive

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We knew it was on its way, but Verizon has now officially announced the new speeds and pricing for its updated FiOS home interent provision. If you can afford to stump up a frankly insane $205 a month, you can now enjoy a blisteringly quick 300Mbps home internet connection.


Verizon's existing top-of-the-line FiOS was already pretty sick, offering 150Mbps download/35Mbps upload speeds. But now, rebranded as FiOS Quantum, those figures have been bumped up to an incredible 300Mbps up/65Mbps down. In an earlier press release, Verizon explained what that means for the user:

"With a 300 Mbps speed, consumers can download a two-hour, standard-definition movie (1.5 gigabytes) in less than 40 seconds; and a two-hour, high-definition movie (5 GB) in 2.2 minutes."

However, you're going to have to stump up for the privilege. It will cost $205 a month with a two-year contract, or $210 without. Which is maybe, perhaps, almost worth it. [Verizon via Engadget]


I'll post here what I posted in the other articles about this. From what I've been told by Verizon staff they will soon offer streaming from Redbox through a fairly cheap subscription. I'm sure part of these bandwidth increases are because of this. Additionally when you have this new service you will get an 802.11n router from Verizon instead of the standard 802.11b/g router they are using right now.

So at least for me this is what it will cost me to get these new packages. I'm currently on a 35/35 connection.

For $15 more I can go to 50/25

For $20 more I can go to 75/35

For $45 more I can go to 150/65

For $214 more I can get 300/65

Which for me I'll probably stay at my 35/35 for now and not pay anything extra until I see a need to.