Verizon's Secret Shared Data Plans (Updated)

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Computer World has discovered that Verizon has a range of shared data plans on offer that don't appear on its website—they're only available if you know about them and ask in-store or over the phone. (UPDATE: Actually they are online, hiding in plain sight. > Shop > Smartphones> select a phone and add it to your cart > New Customer > Select Plans > scroll to the right.)

In an interview with Brenda Raney, executive director of corporate communications at Verizon, Computer World learnt that there are five more tiers beyond the 10GB top-limit Share Everything plan people generally know about. They are:

  • 12GB for $110 a month
  • 14GB for $120 a month
  • 16GB for $130 a month
  • 18 GB for $140 a month
  • 20 GB for $150 a month

The system means that you have to agree with Verizon in advance before the plans can apply to you—otherwise, you face some hefty penalty charges. But once agreed, the data allowance can be shared among up to 10 mobile devices. Just remember to tell them we sent you. [Computer World]

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I can't believe they get away with these prices. It's insane and criminal. I'll be over at Sprint, thank you very much.