Video: BlackBerry Bold vs. iPhone Web Browser Showdown (It Gets Ugly)

Click to view We've seen the BlackBerry Bold and iPhone head-to-head before, as well as the Bold's greatly improved browsing powers over past BlackBerrys, but not side-by-side in a web browser race. It actually gets pretty ugly, uglier than we thought it would. Update: So it looks like in Mobile Computer's test the Bold was either dropping off of Wi-Fi or wasn't on it at all. Update 2: Mobile Computer's editor got back to us to explain the test. He says that both were connected to the same Wi-Fi network, but the possibility didn't occur to him that he might have to manually configure the web browser to use the already established Wi-Fi connection, which is a poor design choice, if true. He also says he didn't disable cellular data to be absolutely sure, because turning that off apparently also turns off Wi-Fi. In his later test of the two phones, iPhone's EDGE to Bold's 3G, the iPhone still comes out on top, "albeit by a reduced margin," which definitely points to some rendering slowness on the Bold's part. He's going to re-run the Wi-Fi tests to be absolutely sure they were performed correctly. Takeaway: The Bold does render pages more slowly than the iPhone, but it's not draggy enough to go get a snack while you're waiting or anything. With both running on Wi-Fi and a cleared cache, in a test using Slashdot, the iPhone is actually able to open an entirely new page before the Bold finishes with the first one. The Bold renders everything correctly, it just takes a looooong time to do it. The Bold's got some fairly heavy duty hardware though, so an update from RIM could always give the browser a jolt. [Mobile Computer Mag via jkOntheRun]



Weird you say that, because the iPhone 3G's battery is relatively the same as the Bold's. They are both rated the same for talk and standby time. The only reason the Bold's battery would last longer is because you wouldn't use it as much as the iPhone for battery draining applications such as browsing the web or playing graphically intense games. It's like saying I get better gas mileage because I leave my car in the garage everyday.

Also, not sure where you have been, but the Bold has been experiencing the same 3G connectivity issues/dropped calls as the iPhone. Plus, according to this video, the Bold also drops wifi connections. Great Job!

I'm just sayin'