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Video of Army Robot Eating Some Bomb Blast

Click to viewNoah over at Wired's Danger room shows us how much damage those little roadside bombs can do in Iraq, even to the cold, metal exo-skel of a mil-bot. The best part of the video is when the soliders laugh. This wouldn't be the case if it had been private Smith. [Danger via Joel]


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Yes, let PVT Smith and his craptastic paycheck pay for the $30,000 robot that got detonated by a pressure plate/cell phone/etc. Brilliant idea, my good man! Nobody will want to mess with anything explosive then!

And laughter is a stress release. They're thinking it could have been one of them, I'm sure.

To Mr. Toys-r-us Cars: Toys-r-us cars don't have grippers or cameras on them to defuse IEDs. Not every bombbot gets blown up, amazingly. Nor do the bots that get driven into a room, etc.

To Mr. Shoot It: bullets just add more unpredictability to the situation ...

To Mr. Screw Bush: yes, because every situation is a Bush-bashing situation!