Video: One Seriously Pimped-Out Wheelchair

Click to viewThis, my friends, is the sweetest wheelchair around. The Gryphon Shield, designed by Jesse Leaman, is loaded with more features than Snoop Dogg's Escalade. It's got a rear-view camera, exterior and interior lights, built-in air conditioning, storage compartments, a water tank, a webcam, and a laptop equipped with WiFi, a DVD player, and voice- activated software to control it. Oh, and it's an electric wheelchair that can tool around at a pretty good clip to boot.

Jesse hopes to get these features on a whole series of chairs so more people can have the opportunity to use them. Having seen this thing in action, that's something we can fully get behind; the Gryphon Shield is awesome. Be sure to check out the Leaman Potential website for more info on the Gryphon Shield and the inventor himself.

Gryphon Shield [Leaman Potential]


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