Video Slideshow of iPhone Concepts


By now you've heard that specs for Apple's upcoming iPhone were leaked by Kevin Rose. Now we bring you completely inaccurate concepts of what the iPhone (and next generation iPod) might look like. With concepts ranging from terrible to not so terrible, you're likely to get a kick out of it. And if not, you can get down with the hot beat. Word.

Best of: iPhone Concepts [TechEBlog]



some of these are really gorgeous :o Why aren't other companies looking at this and taking the hint? We don't want bigger keyboards and silver+black casing—we want sleek, minimalist, tiny things, that do what they're supposed to, and don't attempt to give us fifty billion useless extra features we never use that just make the phone/mp3 player/gadget bulky. (now I do like some stuff—say bluetooth, radio support on mp3 players... but wtf's up with the junk cameras and the mini keyboards? If you give me bluetooth I can take along a portable keyboard, and I'll be able to actually USE it, unlike tinytiny keys I'll rarely use. Now, phones that have good cameras, I understand a bit more, but even then... if I want a camera, I'll take along a camera; if I just want to be reached, I'll take a phone! Until you can make camera phones as slim and self-effacing as phones, don't combine them... I mean anyways, the true "kodak moments" don't wait for your phone, or camera, to turn on and load the flash and snap. Store them in your memory, not a digital gadget's. That's where it'll be worth the most, anyway.)