Videos of the iPhone's Guts, Both Academic and Destructive

The first video includes an iPhone and a Hammer, and speaks for itself.
The Second video shows the iPhone for more academic reasons.Not too surprisingly, the phone has components you've seen in other handsets.

Namely: It has the same processor on the HTC Titan, Same sound quality and storage RAM as the iPod Nano. Balda Touchscreen, known for durability and quality. Bluetooth Bluecore 4 ROM chip by Marvel, same as a Blackberry Pearl. There's nothing surprising, which brings us back to the argument that design and software are the keys here.

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I will never understand the people who protest and/or show their disapproval of a product (or company, I suppose) by spending several hundred dollars on said item (the money going to said company) just so they can publicly destroy it.

That said, I think this video is a bit of a backfire. With two people, a hammer and a screwdriver, it still took abou 20 seconds of continuous pounding just to break the GLASS screen. This is practically an iPhone commercial highlighting it's resilience to harm.