Sometimes you're watching a random TV show on a random channel and you wonder, who was she again? What show was she in? And then you forget about it and those questions are left unanswered, your brain untapped. With VideoSurf, the app can identify the show you're watching and give you info about everybody in it.

What's it do?

You know how Shazam can figure out what song is playing at the bar you're at? VideoSurf can figure out the show that's on TV. You just point the iPhone camera to the TV and then record it for a few seconds, And though it's been done before and sorta unnecessary in today's cable-riddled, DVR guide overkill world, it's still pretty darn cool. Also, VideoSurf is more than a one trick pony, it also acts a recommendation service, connects your friends to the stuff you watch, lets you search and identifies trends on what's hot right now.


Why do we like it?

It's not always accurate, but it's just as woah-inducing as Shazam once was. Not only that though, VideoSurf has a pretty neat recommendation service that gets to know your taste too. It supports a ton of videos, from movies to shows to music videos to viral videos—it pretty much covers all the bases when it comes to video. It's still really early for the app, but if more people use it, it could be a keeper for video.


Video Surf

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The Best

Shazam for TV!

The Worst

Not the most accurate