Vintage Camera Pillows Let You Rest Your Head On Defunct Technology

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Digital cameras now dominate the market, but there's still a place for the art and aesthetics of film cameras. Even if they're only used as a source of inspiration for a set of retroriffic throw pillows.

Created by Brooklyn-based Etsy seller Ronda J. Smith, the pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes designed to match the forms of retro snappers from Kodak, Amica and Ansco.


Photos of the cameras are printed on canvas, stitched to a black fabric backing, and then stuffed. They range in price from $38 to $45, and are available in very limited quantities. So if you want a set you'd better order soon since they'll be gone faster than it takes your kids to ask what the hell film is. [Etsy via Swissmiss]