Visual Guide: 22 Great Ways to Improve Your Home Movies

Your summer videos don't have to be boring. Now that everyone has great inexpensive cameras, you can make them a lot more interesting by keeping this simple guide in mind: 22 good ideas to frame, stage, and light your videos.


It is based on the "22 Panels That Always Work", a guide by comic book master Wally Wood.

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I spent most of my teen years writing and drawing fanzines, and Wood was one of my favorite artists, along with Kirby, Steranko, Bernet, Eisner, and too many others to list here. Their work—which used very simple formulas such as these 22 panels—influenced many modern artists and movie directors. It's not complicated to assimilate and use. It just requires some quick thinking, even while capturing candid moments, but I can guarantee you that it will make your home movies a whole lot better.

And don't worry. It won't make your home movie look like The Third Man, but your friends and family will be a lot less bored watching them.



This is actually quite awesome.

I wish I had this when I thought I was going to be a low budget film-maker.

Unfortunately, I grew up watching Spanish Novellas and Jerry Springer so all my films feature extreme zooms, no static shots, and people punching each other constantly.