"What?" you say. "This isn't my middle school graduation! Why is Vitamin C playing? What's going on around here!" Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is my graduation from Saturdays to not-Saturdays, and I would be honored if you would take a moment to celebrate with me.


I have been your trusty Saturday Gizmodo-pilot for nigh on 15 months and it has been a pleasure, which is why I chose to commemorate the stint with this lovely jam by Vitamin C. It is also a pleasure. And did you know Vitamin C is the Vice President of Music at Nickelodeon? She is!

But anyway, for this last bit of my last Saturday in front of a monitor, before I become a more traditional workaday schlub, I am going to listen to Vitamin C on repeat and look at silly GIFs of people dancing. I could use a little company if you would care to join me. [Spotify, Amazon, iTunes]


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