Illustration for article titled Vivitar SD-Card Camcorder Plays Back at 1080i, Probably Wont Cost the Earth

Vivitar is responsible for dirt cheap video cameras and the like. Their latest offering, which hasn't received a detailed specification list, doesn't look too bad at all; the DVR565HD will be a SD-card camcorder that will support recording in H.264/MPEG4 high definition at 720p, with a 30fps frame rate. Additionally, the video camera will be able to play back at 1080i, and with an HDMI cable included in the asking price for HD TV connectivity, this looks like a fun shooter for peeps looking for a decent, low-cost camcorder. Though the price hasn't been announced, Vivitar are known for their wallet-friendly marketing, so be assured, it shall be reasonable. If we're wrong, you can make fun of the interns. [Pocket-lint]


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