Vodafone and Sony to Launch Music Service

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Here's yet another behemoth coupling for easier access to music on our cellphones. Vodafone and Sony are planning on launching the Vodafone RadioDJ service, that will offer cellphone users personalised radio channels streamed to 3G mobile phones and computers. Vodafone says its personalization is what makes this particular service different, with features like being able to press a button saying if you like or dislike a song when its playing. Kinda neat. So if you press the dislike button, the song will skip and you'll never have to hear it again on any of your other stations. Plus, other "similar" songs would also be avoided. Very TiVo of them huh? But, per usual, don't expect to see this in the US (where we don't have any Vodafone products or services). It will launch UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Vodafone, Sony team up for music service on mobiles [Reuters]

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