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VoodooBuddy Combines Ancient Curses with Modern Technology

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

With the VoodooBuddy doll, you can finally stop wondering if your pin-pricks-in-effigy are all for naught. Just fire up the VoodooBuddy website, plug in your boss's (or ex, mother-in-law, etc.) contact info, grab the doll and poke away. Pricking certain places on the doll curses your target, who is notified of their plight via text message and e-mail. Be careful not to curse your enemy too much; if you overload the VoodooBuddy it will take your picture with its built-in camera, send it to your victim, and reverse the curses onto you. The doll was designed by Rodrigo de Benito and Zannah Marsh, two ITP students you clearly shouldn't upset. Great work, guys! [VoodooBuddy; ITP 2008]