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The sob stories are in! And here are the five most empathy-inducing of the bunch. Read, vote, and bequeath a Powermat 1XA Mat/Receiver Case for iPhone 3G/3GS to the author of the saddest tale. Read 'em and weep. Literally.

Entry 1: Scott W.'s Olympic-size Battery Fail

This February I was travelling from my home in Toronto to Vancouver for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. I started my day at the YYZ airport on standby waiting to be cleared, so i was texting, listening to music, etc while waiting for the flight to board. I get on the plane only to find out that the live-tvs won't be functioning for the 5 hours due to some maintenance issue fleet wide (figures my luck). I plan my ration of iPhone use for the flight so I don't go insane by the chatty lady on my right side.

I arrive in Vancouver to a text message from my friend saying he scored some last minute tickets to the Opening Ceremonies and said to meet him outside his work downtown. Not knowing the part of town he worked i fired up the GPS on my phone and the Maps app to see where to go and what it looked like (street view). Now by this point in the day most iPhone users know that my phone was on its last breath and near battery death. Brightness dimmed, 3G turned off, it didn't matter and the phone died. So I found myself in downtown Vancouver with several hundred thousand people trying to meet up with my friend. The clock was ticking and the Opening Ceremonies was only hours away and here I was with a dead phone. A chance to see an Olympics Opening Ceremonies is one of those once in a lifetime experience and here was a dead battery getting in my way.

My saving grace strangely enough was a pay phone call to a best friend who I talked through logging into my Google Contacts and getting me my Vancouver buddy's info.


Entry 2: Dario N.'s Spooked in Virginia

It was the last day of my adventure around America using that "All You Can Jet" Pass that JetBlue did back in September. I did 28 stops in the 30 days (filmed all of it, as well as this incident for a documentary) I was allowed. On the last day I was in Richmond, VA and decided that I would skip taking a taxi back to the airport. Instead I would walk the 14 miles from the city to the airport.

Leaving the city and just leaving the suburbs into much more wooded dark road areas (think "Wrong turn") my iPhone finally died. This was my only way to figure out how to get to the airport as I did not take the same road that I had taken in on the bus. I just passed by a civil war cemetery and things were getting dark and scary real fast (I'm from NYC so not used to these type of surroundings). I tried walking as much of the path that I could remember from the maps feature on the iPhone which worked pretty well until I got to a fork in the road.

I chose left when I should have chose right as it looked more lit than the other road. Halfway through I could have sworn I heard a woman scream as I walked over a small bridge and past more tombstones that were not part of the previous cemetery. I was already about 20 minutes into the road and was unable to see my hand in front of me, being worried I remembered that I had a spare iPhone battery in my backpack but I wasn't able to search my bag as it was extremely dark.

I ran back to the fork and was able to find the spare battery which gave me enough juice to finish the walk, although it ended well- it was pretty nerve wrecking and taught me to always keep the phone charged.


Entry 3: Matt G's Terror In the Studio

In 2009 I was recording some guitar tracks in a Dallas, TX based recording studio. We had been recording tracks for an artist (who shall remain nameless) for months. As we were nearing our final days of the tracking process, our lives changed forever.

Around 10:30pm CST I was in the control room for the studio when I heard a metal folding chair hit the ground in the front office. Thinking we were there alone, (myself and 2 other musicians) I went to see what caused the folding chair to fall. When I opened the door to the lobby there were 3 men in "Jason" style hockey masks and 1 in a ski mask standing there with guns. All 4 guns were pointed at me.

This is the point where people who piss their pants, ... piss their pants. I almost did, literally.

Two of the gunmen forced me into the floor face down, with a gun to the back of my head for 22 minutes. (the longest 22 minutes of my life). In that 22 minutes they were able to clear the the studio (if not break) everything they came across. I honestly thought I was going to die. The musicians that were there working with me were forced outside in a back alley away from everything and stripped of all their belongings (cell phones, watches, wallets). Inside I lay there, being told not to look up or look at anyone.

When the 22 minutes were over I was left alone. I reached in my cargo pocket (which they didn't check) for my iPhone. I remember earlier that day it saying "20% battery remaining." It had been nearly 5-6 hours since then. As I tried to dial 911, I got the Apple pinwheel....then it shut off.

I was alone. No land line, no charger, no help coming. No one knew what had just happened, except the 2 other musicians who had been freed, only to start running away as fast and as far as possible. Remembering there was a panic button on the alarm system in the lobby, I pushed it and prayed someone would arrive soon. I was afraid the gunmen would return to "finish" what had been started.

10 minutes later the police arrived. Moral of the story: Lock your doors and charge your iPhone when it says its dying.


Entry 4: Jason M.'s Undocumented Dirty Harry Encounter

I was visiting Southern California, and as we drove through Carmel my friend from the area suggested we stop by the Mission Ranch for a meal – Clint Eastwood's place. She knows I am a HUGE fan so this was planned on her part but a surprise for me. Hence, no pocket size camera just my iPhone. As we were eating, wouldn't you know it - pay dirt!! He was there visiting! Walking by our table he smiled and acknowledged the girl who I was with, as she is quite good looking. Seizing the opportunity she asked if we could take a picture of him and I together, and he hesitantly obliged. The only camera was my iPhone, and as luck would have it the thing was nearly dead from using navigation app all day! As she lined up the shot, as you can guess, it went dead. He smiled at me and said "Better luck next time kid" in his trademark grizzled voice.


Entry 5: Brandon L's The Navy's Saddest Dad

I was heading out on deployment, and had to work the night before we were going to leave for 6 months. I talked to my wife the night before and we agreed to meet up in the morning before I left that day. I left the next morning to meet up with her to find that the place where we were going to meet there had been a fire and you couldn't get to that area. I called her and the moment she answered and said hello my battery died...I had plugged it in, but the cable had come loose on the other end. I tried and tried, but couldn't get to a phone in time to call her, meet up, and say goodbye for 6 months. I had to go on deployment without seeing her and our daughter thanks to my phone. To make matters worse our deployment was extended 2 additional months so I was actually gone 8 months total.


OK, now vote. The winner will be able to wirelessly charge an iPhone 3G/3GS with the Powermat 1XA Mat/Receiver Case for iPhone 3G/3GS—for free!


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