VW Golf Renamed in Honor of the iPod (We Assume)

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Introducing the Volkswagen iGolf. It is the exact same thing as the VW Golf, but it has a fairly convenient iPod dock and a big, fancy, pretty advertising campaign to go with it. We have seen companies of all shapes and sizes slap a lower-case i in front of a product name and the product is usually an iPod accessory, but a car? Seriously, are we in a world where the car is now an accessory to the iPod?


I am a Honda driver, but a little space in my heart is usually reserved for VW, until now. This is just ridiculous, but luckily the campaign is only happening in Spain.

Product Page (Spanish) [Via Gadget Lab]


Well, I don't think this is such a horrible idea by VW and Apple.

It looks like a straight-up cross promotion to sell Apple "branded" Golf's that include a limited edition (I assume) 8GB Nano with VW branding. Like the Jetta Trek, or the K2 Golf. Big deal. Definitely nothing to get all worked up over.

Hey, at least it's not the iSephia or iCaprice Classic.

¿Hay fanboys de Apple en España?