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Wait, So What's Going on in the Arrowverse Now?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
LaMonica Garrett as DC Comics’ famous Monitor.
LaMonica Garrett as DC Comics’ famous Monitor.
Photo: Dean Buscher (The CW)

Some wild multiverse nonsense just happened. Again.

Bear with me here, I’ve fallen off the Arrowverse train recently. Maybe not completely, but I’m at the caboose, hanging on for dear life. I mostly keep up for work and the only series I’m not checking Twitter during is Legends of Tomorrow (because they still know how to have fun).

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So we’ve known a Big Crisis—the CW adaptation of DC Comics’ “Crisis on Infinite Earths”—was coming to the Arrowverse for a long time. The Flash’s future newspaper page (teased since the pilot!) previously said it would happen in 2024. But last night’s finale rolled back the clock to 2019. But! The hero known as the Flash is still set to “disappear” during the crisis. Also, Barry and Iris no longer have a child because of poor Nora being duped by Eobard Thawne, who is now freshly on the loose once more.

But that wasn’t the only Crisis tease we got this week.

Oliver made a deal with the Monitor during the Elseworlds crossover and the season seven Arrow finale informed us it was the obvious: Oliver must give his life to save the universe. And he’s going to die in 2019.


But what does this mean for Arrow’s final season?

Considering Oliver seemingly went straight off to take care of Crisis business, and Emily Bett Rickards, who plays vital team member Felicity, decided that this season would be her last, will the big Arrowverse Crisis crossover be the first thing all the series do this year? I can’t imagine how else Arrow would premiere without its two leads. Or, frankly, where the show even goes for 10 episodes. This finale wrapped a lot up; it probably should have just been the series finale.

Supergirl hasn’t wrapped up its season just yet but I’m guessing we’ll get a little Crisis tease there too even though it’s been very busy with other non-multiverse problems. And hopefully, the Legends will be back fighting the good fight with the rest of the heroes. There’s no official release date (other than fall) for the Batwoman series just yet but there’s every possibility Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane could also play in a role in the crossover. I assume once Arrow’s shortened series wraps up, Batwoman is the natural replacement for its timeslot.

Mostly...I guess I’m a bit worn out on the CW’s superheroes. Perhaps a good Crisis reset is just what the doctor ordered? Let me know what you think in the comments.


Assorted Arrowverse Musings:

  • I still do not care about anything happening in Arrow’s flashfowards, especially Felicity and Oliver’s daughter.
  • Another dead Queen. Meh.
  • Nice to see Michael Jai White’s Bronze Tiger show up to fight with the team.
  • Joe West got a very well-deserved promotion.
  • Holy shit, poor Ralph. That looked like it hurt.
  • So, Carlos Valdes is super done with this whole thing, right?

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