Waiting for a Nokia N900? Keep Waiting

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Apparently the handset has been delayed until November. The good news, as BGR points out, is that the n900 supports T-Mobile 3G. So assuming Project Black means cheap plans, the timing could actually work out well for prospective buyers. [BGR]




Why would anyone even make phones for T-Mobile at this point? Seen those "There's a map for that." ads from Verizon? AT&T's 3G map looks positively comprehensive compared to T-mobile's. Want the never hear from the n900 again? Bring it out on T-mobile. No wonder Nokia's market share drops by double digits every quarter if they can't understand that the very simple fact that the US market is fundamentally different from the European market. It is carrier driven - not device driven. Just cause you bring out a phone doesn't mean anyone's going to buy it. How's that N97 working for you? Americans will not pay $500+ for a cell phone no matter how cool it is. The iPhone has killed that idea. Why would I pay $600 dollars for a Nokia when I can have a iPhone for $199? Just not going to happen. When was the last must have Nokia phone in the US anyway? 2000? 2001? Nokia's marketing and strategic planning people are simply terrible. Example: Why did you never make a US 3G E90 communicator? Incredible phone and could have been here 4 years ago. But no one was going to buy it without 3g.