Walmart Shoplifter Cooked Meth to Kill Time

Illustration for article titled Walmart Shoplifter Cooked Meth to Kill Time

Now, here's a news story that doesn't need bath salts to getcha going: A Walmart in South St. Louis County, Missouri, was evacuated today after a woman detained for shoplifting decided to kill time in the loss prevention room by cooking up a batch of meth.


Whoa there. Who walks around with the fixings for a mini meth lab inside their purse? (Obviously people who do meth!)

A local news site reports that police who searched the woman's purse found what appeared to be a working meth lab cooking inside a plastic bottle. Some people keep a book on hand, in case of any unforeseen downtime... others, it seems, make sure to grab their meth lab before jetting out the door. [BoingBoing]



If she had this, she would have been able to make some ecstasy or something